Listed below are a few of the most common, out of many services, that we offer at Giosa Funeral Home.

The important thing to remember is that a funeral is not for the deceased, it is for the living. Therefore, it is up to you to decide what kind of funeral you want and will best serve you, your family, loved ones, and friends. 
Always remember, the choice is yours and preplanning gives you that opportunity and will help those who survive make wise decisions and choices.

The traditional funeral usually has a viewing and/or some visitation with the family by the public with the body present; this means embalming of the deceased is necessary. There is usually some formal ceremony also involved. This can be either a funeral service conducted at the funeral home or church or a mass conducted at church. This is usually followed by the interment or entombment at a cemetery.

The direct burial consists of the immediate interment or entombment of the deceased within 48 hours of death with no public viewing or visitation; this means embalming of the deceased is not necessary. A service may take place at grave side the day of interment or in the Mausoleum chapel the day of entombment. The family may also choose to delay the service until a later date; they can schedule a memorial service at the funeral home or church or a memorial mass at church.

The full service cremation is similar to a traditional funeral and embalming is necessary. The only difference is that deceased goes to the crematory after the service or mass is completed. The family may buy or rent the casket. Depending on family preference or religion, the cremated remains may be interred at a cemetery in a grave specifically for cremated remains or with another previously buried in the cemetery, placed in a niche at a mausoleum, scattered at some location or at sea or kept at home with the family.

The direct cremation usually consists of no viewing or funeral service, the deceased is cremated after a 24 hour mandatory waiting period as required by the State of New Jersey. No embalming is necessary unless the cremation can not take place within 48 hours of the death or if refrigeration is not available. A memorial service, memorial mass, interment, entombment, scattering of the cremated remains may or may not follow.

A memorial service or mass is a gathering of family and friends of the deceased. This can occur days, weeks, months even years after the death either at the funeral home, church or a restaurant. If the deceased was cremated and not interred, entombed or scattered, the cremated remains may be present, if they are not available then a photo or photos and memorabilia of the deceased are sometimes use to remember the deceased.