Giosa Funeral Home Pre-Need Services

Why be prepared?

  • Get the funeral that you want.
  • Make sure your wishes are carried out.
  • 100 % of your money is placed in an interest-bearing account and can only be withdrawn by you, prior to your death.
  • Relieves your family members from the burden of making decisions and selections under stress. Allows them time to be with family and friends for support when they need it most.

1. Please click here for a form for individuals wishing to make Pre-need arrangements. Please fill out as much information as possible as it will assist us in making this process as easy as possible, and allows us to focus on more important matters when you visit us for your Pre-Need service.

2. All information is securely transmitted to our database and is kept in strict confidentiality. This information will never be used for purposes other than assisting in making this process easier for you.

Click here for our secure online preneed planning form.